Victor A950 (M)  Anders Antonsen

Victor A950 (M) Anders Antonsen

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VSR Rubber


Feather Resilient EVA+ENERGYMAX 3.0+TPU+Carbon Power+Solid EVA


Microfiber PU Leather+V-Durable PU+Double Mesh

Product Details

With large use of Tough Microfiber PU Leather, the most abundant shoe-last designs,

as well as lightweightmidsole, A950 is born to bring superb comfort to wearers.

The Danish Men's Singles player Anders Antonsen, who is rigorous in his selection

of equipment, was impressed by the comfortable fit and flexibility of A950 when

he took part in the product testing in Taiwan. After trying on for training and

competing in tournaments, Antonsen acclaimed that A950 is the most comfortable

badminton shoes he’s ever had.

Greysia Polii, an Indonesian Women’s Doubles player, was also surprised by

A950F.“It is a pair of ready-to-go competitive badminton shoes. It doesn’t need to

take much time to get used to it,” she added.

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