Victor A922 (W)

Victor A922 (W)

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After two years of material and wear testing process, A922 has successfully

brought out the most comfortable fitting experience ever.From the initial selection

and reinforcement of materials, to the tensile strength test of shoes on

inside/outside, to the final shoe-wearing experience, all the efforts have been

made to ensure the best comfortability ever.

In the initial stage of the development and testing of A922, the testers were

doubtful about the non-leather choice. Not only is the contour totally different

from the products on the market, the shoes also feel much softer than previous

models. Despite the doubts, VICTOR still decides to use DIGITKNIT material as

the upper of A922 and manages to make the shoes comfortable, stable, as well

as lightweight by focusing on the reinforcement on both sides of the upper.

The initial doubts raised by the testers have disappeared after a series of

shoe-fitting tests and adjustment. A922 has proved that comfort and functionality

can be combined with perfect balance, which is what most professional and

amateurplayers are looking for.

It’s VICTOR’s first time to apply DIGITKNIT technology to badminton shoes.

The designers create a visual effect of comfortable coverage by interlacing and

layering 60-degree diagonal lines with knitted fabric. The upper is made of soft

DIGITKNIT fabric with 20% of hot melt yarn, which helps the material to fit and

support the foot better, while provides excellent tensile strength along with the

interior structure.

The Light Resilient EVA material is used for the midsole, soft yet resilient enough

to withstand instant force. The Neo Duplex wedge heel offers stability and

shock-absorption. Lastly, the midfoot area is engineered with Carbon Power

 and the lateral forefoot area is applied with LS-S system to provide stable support.

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