Dunlop Fort (4 bolde)

Dunlop Fort (4 bolde)

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Dunlop Fort (4 bolde)


Den velkendte gasbold fra Dunlop.


The perfect ball for the perfect game!

The Dunlop Fort All Court Tournament Select is a firm pressurised tennis ball. Thanks to the perfect quality of the HD-Core rubber compound, you profit from durability and perfect bouncing behaviour. Another striking feature is the hard-wearing Flouro-Cloth felt.

What is important with the Fort All Court is its water-repellent and moisture-resistant structure. Even in poor weather conditions you can expect and enjoy maximum performance. Thanks to the patented pressure technology, you have no need to worry that your ball will run out of breath.

Convince yourself of the Dunlop Fort All Court Tournament Select and choose a new, powerful ball!


  • Firm, pressurised ball
  • Durable rubber
  • Water-repellent and moisture-resistant.

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